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File:Migne.jpg|thumb|upright|Jacques-Paul Migne, engraving by E. Tailland '''Jacques Paul Migne''' (; 25 October 1800 – 24 October 1875) was a French priest who published inexpensive and widely distributed editions of theological works, encyclopedias, and the texts of the Church Fathers, with the goal of providing a universal library for the Catholic priesthood.Claude Langlois and François Laplanche, eds. ''La Science catholique: 'L'Encyclopédie Théologique' de Migne (1844-1873) entre apologétique et vulgarisation'' (Paris: Cerf) 1992. He was born at Saint-Flour, Cantal and studied theology at Orléans. He was ordained in 1824 and placed in charge of the parish of Puiseaux, in the diocese of Orléans, where his uncompromisingly Catholic and royalist sympathies did not coincide with local patriotism and the new regime of the Louis-Philippe of France|Citizen-King. In 1833, after falling out...
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